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Risk Management

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Risk Assessment and Management
  • Hazard identification/risk assessment

  • Risk studies, ENVID, HAZID and HAZOPS

  • Quantitative risk assessments

  • Barrier-based risk identification/control

  • Formal safety assessment/safety cases

  • Risk mitigation plans and ALARP assessments

  • Risk registers

Environmental and Social Assessment and Management
  • Baseline environmental/social studies

  • Environmental modelling

  • Environmental social/impact assessment

  • Stakeholder analysis, mapping and registers

  • Stakeholders consultations

  • Environmental/social management plans

  • Lender assessment and compliance reviews (e.g. IFC/Equator Principles)

Emergency Planning and Crisis Management
  • Incident scenario identification

  • Emergency response plans

  • Crisis management plans

  • Oil spill/security contingency plans

  • Training, drills and exercises

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