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Blanchard Energy Consultants provide Health, Safety, Environmental and Social (HSES) management services to companies in the energy sector, particularly the upstream and midstream oil/gas and renewables industries. We provide a comprehensive range of HSES support to the industry. Our service spans provision of regulatory or permitting for a particular project to specialist management support to a business across the full lifecycle.


We have highly experienced consultants who provide a unique perspective to managing HSES, from acquisition/merger, country entry/licensing, through exploration, appraisal, project development, operations and ultimately decommissioning.


We provide and are recognised for:


  • Client focus and quality of service

  • Deep knowledge of the industry

  • Ability to find cost effective solutions

  • Enthusiastic and creative thinking


We pride ourselves in our ability to provide both solid support for routine activities to finding solutions to issues or problems, through our simple 'Assess - Innovate - Solve' approach.



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